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Why Live in Sioux City?

by bojiworkz on March 4, 2016
Why Live in Sioux City?

When it comes to population density, we know that “city” is a relative term. For most folks, “city” implies hours of rush-hour traffic, standing in line at the grocery store, navigating a huge grid of streets, cars, pedestrians, and asphalt. For others, it can feel like the center of the universe, where people come from all over to enjoy a delicious variety of restaurants, get a good education, play in massive parks, and turn strangers from all corners of the map into friends. Sioux City is the best mix of both.

Sioux City has a population near 83,000 people, and that’s not including the scores of small towns around us, each with their own downtown’s, annual events, and charm. There are hundreds of reasons to fall in love with our hometown. Here are ten of our favorites.

  1. Sioux City a perfect mix of modern and agricultural. Agriculture doesn’t just mean farms and tractors – people like you work in plants like ours to feed the whole world. In fact, Iowa is the top state for pork production in America, so you’ll be right at home with passionate pork producers. When you aren’t working hard, you’ll be enjoying all your favorite chain restaurants, stores, and events as well as plenty of space to help you get away from it all–and everything is easy to get to. After all, Sioux City was ranked #4 in North America for Food & Beverage.
  2. It pays to live here. With great jobs and low cost of living, Sioux City is a place where you can call home. Many families put down deep roots in Sioux City and our surrounding towns, where generation after generation live within a couple of hours of home. It’s a breath of fresh air. From hiking to boating, we have all your outdoor recreational needs for the adventure enthusiasts. The summertime sunshine brings great opportunity for camping, outdoor concerts, and much, much more.
  3. Our airport will take you places. Traveling? Sioux City appreciates our small, efficient, local airport to the congested ones found in larger metropolitan areas. When was the last time you were off a plane and home in 45 minutes?
  4. We can shop (really) local. The Sioux City Farmer’s Market truly is “Big enough to meet your needs, small enough to meet your neighbor.” Our region’s soil and climate make for some of the best food in the country (and the world), and we’re not afraid to put it on display.
  5. We love all kinds of music. You could claim that we Iowans are “all a little bit country,” but our huge list of visiting musicians, bands, and artists may convince you otherwise. We have several venues that offer both large-scale and intimate settings, so you’ll be sure to listen how you like to.
  6. We love a good fair. While the Iowa State Fair is internationally known for its butter cows, national entertainment, and the latest in agricultural tech, our local county fairs are often the highlight of our summer. Filled with crafts, food, local entertainment, and family-friendly fun, county fairs are a longstanding tradition.
  7. We’re always up for some friendly competition. Literally. You may have heard the term “Iowa Nice,” It’s safe to say that you’ll are surrounded by good people in Sioux City. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a rude stranger in your neighborhood or at the grocery store. We’re always good for a smile. When it comes to competing against other states, though, it’s no contest: we’re #1 in America.
  8. We love being in the middle.  Located along the beautiful Missouri River and close proximity to Omaha, Sioux Falls, Des Moines, and Minneapolis, we like to think of ourselves as being in the center of the universe. We  welcome people and families from all over the world to live within our piece of the planet. You’ll find a variety of cross-cultural churches, sporting events, restaurants, neighborhoods, and festivals that help create Sioux City’s dynamic personality.

These are just our favorites, and we’re sure you have some, too. If you had to pick your favorite part of living in Sioux City, what would it be? Let us know. Like us on Facebook!


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